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Easter Crafts: Potato Stamps

Updated: May 7, 2021

Everyone loves a craft that's easy on the wallet and always readily available. What can be easier than a potato or two. That's why I love this craft so much.

The Best part about it, is that it's so versatile! You don't necessarily have to carve Easter motifs into your potatoes. You can use the same technique for different occasions, anytime of the year!

Easter Crafts Potato Stamps

This craft is so easy and simple it's going to blow your mind. All you need are Potatoes, Paper and Paint.

materials for potato stamps

This can take time if it's your first time carving potatoes.

A lot also depends on the design you have in mind.

For more delicate designs , I suggest using an Exacto knife rather than a kitchen knife.

how to carve potato stamps

1. Cut your potato in half and carve your design.

Mine is pretty basic as I am not a professional Potato carver.

stamping with potatoes

2. Paint your potato and stamp away.

You could even paint different parts of the potato different colours for a nice rainbow effect.

how to stamp

3. Finish stamping and experiment with colours and designs.

potato stamp ornaments

4. Cut around the Stamps and you've got yourselves Easter Eggs.

decorating with potato stamps

5. Time to string it.

Punch a hole at the top of the paper and string a colourful ribbon or thread through it. I've used Baker's twine but Sky's the limit.

This is something you can enjoy doing together with your kids.

It's a lovely interactive craft and always a big hit with mine.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy craft.

You can catch all five tutorials in this video:

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I love hearing from my readers. Please leave a comment down below if you have a suggestion or a tip.

If you tried these crafts, then I would love to hear how it worked out.

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