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At-home Summer Holiday Ideas

Summer is made for laughter and fun in the sun! Having a schedule of summer holiday ideas for kids is a great way to help navigate through this lockdown period.

Look forward to this summer with these great holiday activities.

summer holiday at home ideas

1. Picnics never get old. Plan a picnic under a nice, shaded tree. Have your kids help you prepare the meals for the picnic whether it be multicolored cheese sandwiches, fruits, nuts, and cupcakes. Children love to help bake and package meals for a day of fun outdoors.

2. Outdoor Themed Photoshoot. The best time for pictures is when you have great natural lighting. Get some balls and bubbles in the shoot and even a sprinkler to capture the pure joy of summer bliss to have as a memory for years to come.

3. Bon fire. Get a projector and your laptop set up outdoors to watch a movie while you roast corn, marshmallow, and sausage in the fire.

4. At home water park. Have a slide and outdoor pool set up to watch and join your kids splash and dash.

5. Mud Painting. Parents don’t like the extra work of cleaning a dirty toddler. However, sometimes it is absolutely okay for you to get down and dirty with your toddler and show of your best mud painting skills.

6. Start a herb garden. Gardening can be such a therapeutic summer holiday idea during the lockdown. Get your shovels, buckets, hats, gloves and labels ready with the help of your kids. Your kids would be happy to help.

Staycation with kids

This Summer will be fun for you and your family. The above ideas are a jump start to a summer filled with great ideas and activities that will be impossible to forget.

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Until next time!

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