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In 1977, Richard Bach wrote one of his best pieces of work, Illusions. One year later a young woman purchased that copy and kept it safely hidden from the elements of time.

24 years later, her daughter chanced upon the book in the house.

Illusions by Richard Bach has been instrumental in my life, influencing a lot of it. I have read and re-read it many times over since. Every reading affords the reader a new perspective, but I suppose it is the same with art and music.

In my blog, I bring you snippets of my life as I know and discover it.

Some things about me

  • I'm a mom to two little Angels.

  • I've always had a canine companion in life. Dogs are the best!

  • I used to be an artist and have done a few shows.

  • I've moved around my whole life, never spending more than 6 years in a place.

  • I love solitude.

  • I love Books, Art, cooking and travelling.

  • I love my Chai.


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