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Thank you for stopping by!

Welcome to my little space on the internet where I share snippets of my life via visual storytelling.

I have lived a pretty nomadic life, never living more than 5 years anywhere. This has afforded me the rare chance to explore cultures, food, languages and more.

I have met wonderful people everywhere I have been.

Through my Youtube and my Blog, I share things that are important to me such as food! But also living slowly and learning to go with the flow.

My philosophy in life has been greatly influenced by a simple Book.


In 1977, Richard Bach wrote one of his best pieces of work, Illusions. A year later a young woman purchased that copy and kept it safely hidden from the elements of time.

One day... I chanced upon it.

Illusions by Richard Bach has been instrumental in my life, influencing a lot of it. I have read and re-read it many times over since. Every reading affords the reader a new perspective, but I suppose it is the same with art and music.

I hope my Blog and visual storytelling via YouTube are helpful to you.

In any case, I thank you for stopping by :)

Ripped Jeans
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