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Why You Need A Kid's Holiday Routine

Holidays in and of themselves are enough of a reward for your kids. A child does not require much to enjoy their holidays but a little bit of a holiday routine for your kids will prove to provide structure and greater enjoyment to their days.

It can’t be stressed enough that though a child likes to go with the flow of the day, having a summer holiday routine will allow them to have something to look forward to and give them enough time to zone down when necessary.

Kid's holiday routine

During the holidays having a routine chart will ensure that your child knows that basic things like sleeping, eating on time, and chores are still a part of their day even when it’s a holiday.

The relevance of a daily holiday routine chart

Though toddlers have a strong personality it doesn’t mean that you should cave in at their every tantrum.

Setting a holiday chart routine will ensure that things are done in a relatively smooth manner with lots of fun. This creates rhythm for both toddlers and adolescents.

Studies show that a schedule reduces the prevalence of tantrums. A schedule allows a child to experience order and control that guarantees better behaviours.

You can use the template below for free. It downloads as a PDF

Holiday routine for kids

A routine during the long holiday will give children a chance to know what will happen throughout the day which helps with mental preparation and thus less anxiety.

Stick to your routine even if it seems your child can manage without it. This is where the importance of parenting decisions come in. You and your child will reap the benefits of this practice later.

It's essential to not be too strict with the routine that you forget to give your child the opportunity to make decisions and grow. This way a child feel involved in the routine process.

Final Thoughts

As the summer holidays quickly approach put pen to paper and start planning your kids holiday routine. Have fun!

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If you have any suggestions for fun holiday activities for kids, be sure to leave a comment down below!

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