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Easter Crafts 1 : Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

Updated: May 7, 2021

So I decided to make some Easter crafts with my daughter and thought, Hey! why not make a video of it too! Time got away from me though and I ended up posting the video just a day before Easter.

By the time you're reading this, it'll probably be closer to Halloween, but one could always use the ideas for next year! Feel free to bookmark this post and pin it!

Easter Crafts  Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

This craft is super simple and if you're a somewhat organised mom then you should have these in your craft box. I always keep craft supplies on hand, and they usually always come in handy!

Materials for Easter crafts

It takes literally all of two mins to make this bunny!

How to make bunny ears

1. Make two loops for the ears.

How to make bunny face

2. Wrap the remainder of the pipe cleaner around the ears to create a little face.

decorating easter bunnies

3. Stick on Googly eyes.

Easter Bunnies crafts for kids

4. Add a colourful ribbon for a scarf and you're done!

You can create more and add to the family.

This is such a fun project and takes such little time.

You could also add a string or another ribbon and hang it like an ornament.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy craft.

You can catch all five tutorials in this video:

If you want to see more of these DIYs then click on the links below.

I love hearing from my readers. Please leave a comment down below if you have a suggestion or a tip.

If you tried these crafts, then I would love to hear how it worked out.

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