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The 10 best ways to organize your fridge

Updated: May 17, 2021

Fridge organization is a true art. It may take some time but it’s a journey to an organized and clutter-free fridge environment that transforms your entire outlook each time you think about preparing a meal. These 10 best ways to organise your fridge are a game changer!

10 tips on how to organise your fridge

The ten best ways to organize your fridge include:

1. Binder shelf clips:

Installing binder shelf clips creates appropriate labels for the food items while categorizing each shelf area. This ensures that everyone in the household knows how to locate or place food-related to the specific label in the right section.

2. Egg cartons:

No need for excessive shaking or knocking for the contents of your favorite condiments when the Alton Brown inspired fridge organizer container in the form of egg cartons are incorporated right in the position of the fridge door.

3. Stackable Deli Containers:

Upgrade your kitchen to a professional one with these fridge organization containers in the form of plastic or glass. From uncooked foods to leftovers these are sure to keep your items fresh and organized.

4. Zip-top storage bags:

Zip-top bags not only preserve your food without cause for concern, but they can easily be slipped into the sections allotted without clutter.

how to organise your fridge food

5. Re-position shelves:

Believe or not many fridge shelves can be re-positioned and used to organize your fridge in a manner that more suits your needs.

how to organise your fridge organizing tips

6. Set aside space for meal preps and leftovers:

It takes time to clean and organize your fridge and jumbling it all back together after a meal or preparing for tomorrow just puts all your hard work in vain. Establishing a section for meal preps and leftovers create a tidy fridge space for longer.

You can also use fridge liners to save time cleaning the shelves.

7. Chopstick shelves:

Foil covered container tops just need a pair of wooden chopsticks or a baking tray to create a shelf and you have just created some extra space. Simply cover your open containers with foil and position a pair of chopsticks on them. This creates a 'shelf' for another container to sit atop.

8. Keep the content, dispose of boxes:

By removing the content from all the boxes, you can organize your fridge space without the clutter.

best ways to organise your fridge

9. Use crisper drawers correctly:

These act as space savers that keep food fresh. Make use of them appropriately and not only for storing your favorite sodas or beers.

10. Organize your fridge door decorations:

Reminders, artwork, and decorative pieces can be encouraging but too much will add unnecessary clutter. It's hard but keep only what you need by rearranging and add new pieces regularly.

I hope you had fun reading this article and that it was able to give you a few helpful tips. As always, please leave a comment and share some tips of your own!

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