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Linen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Tight on space? These tips on storing Linen without a closet can help you!

The key is to ensure that your linen closet does not become a space for locking away hoarded items.

linen storage  ideas

Here are seven excellent linen storage ideas for small spaces.

1. How to organise your linen. When arranging your linen, it's essential to do away with old bed linen and other items that are not being used. This allows you to have more space to house additional items better and reduce unnecessary clutter.

2. All linen should be sorted. Categorizing your linen storage will keep your bed linen organization among other linen adequately stored and in order.

3. Utilise baskets or storage bins. Storage bins and baskets are a space-saving but neat way to sort and properly store and separate linen pieces.

4. Store sheet sets in pillowcases. This is a great space-saving strategy that makes finding all the pieces to your sheet set very simple.

5. Roll. When storing towels, it's good to roll them instead of folding them. Rolling helps keep it neat while saving adequate space.

6. Over the door rack hangers. The rack hanger will be used to hang tablecloths and runners. This keeps your tablecloths and runners wrinkle and dust-free. It also helps you to save on space.

7. Label. The use of labels will keep things in their designated space. Your linen storage will not become easily scattered when using this strategy.

8. Linen storage idea without closet. There are many things you can do even without a storage closet. The use of storage bins, hooks, cabinets, and open shelving will give you the desired organization.

A small linen closet can easily be transformed with the right ideas. The seven tips above will help get your linen closet ready for new adjustments.

Do you have any tips to share on how to organise your linen closet? share them with other readers below!

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