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The Importance of a good bedtime routine

A baby and toddler naturally wrestle with falling asleep. A child follows the example set by the parents. Establishing a bedtime routine chart for kids will encourage better sleep habits, rhythm, organization and structure for your child.

Bedtime routine

Instead of struggling with the constant fussing, crying, and wining of “ I don’t want to go to bed”; make the experience predictable and fun. Children are driven by structure as it creates less anxiety and uncertainty.

1. Understanding Bedtime Routines :

A bedtime routine models consistency through a set of rhythmic activities that are done every night before bed.

Bedtime routines prepare the mind of your child for sleeping and replaces the situation where you are constantly becoming agitated with them not being compliant.

The implementation of a kids bedtime chart by age in your home acts as a predictable routine for your child. This soothes their mind and offers security and confidence to fall asleep on their own.

Bedtime routine for a child

2. The importance of a Bedtime Routine:

Studies have shown that a child who consistently adheres to a bedtime routine will go to bed earlier each night, fuss less to fall asleep, and be less likely to wake throughout the night. Interestingly children who followed bedtime routines tend to have a better quality of sleep even when they become adults.

A child friendly bedtime chart of daily routines will also teach your child the relevance of self-care and improve cognitive skills (memory, attention, responsibility, social skills, academic performance).

Bedtime routines also improve the parent-child bond, reduce stress levels, mood disruption, distraction, and bad behaviors.

3. Final Thoughts:

Haven’t started a bedtime routine for your child as yet? Don’t worry, they can still fall right into a bedtime routine by starting now, because it only takes a few nights for the routine to start showing improvements in the sleeping pattern of your child.

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