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8 reasons to organise

Updated: May 18, 2021

Why do we seek to Organise things? We organise our belongings, our lives and our thoughts.

But how often do we stop and ask why?

Here are 8 reasons to organise!

The Eight benefits of organising.

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So why do we strive to create order amidst our chaos?

There are many theories and much has been written and spoken about this. No matter which theory you choose to follow, it can't be denied that a bit of cleaning and organising is like a breath of Fresh air.

It helps to create free space which helps in mental clarity and a sense of peace somehow.

Small rituals to bring about a semblance of order to our everyday madness and chaos.

1. It helps to clear your mind:

It's no secret that a clean space whether it be at work or home, can bring about a world of difference. When things are in their place, you feel light and relaxed. You don't have a cluttered mind and thought process. Someone once said that the state of one's home is indicative of their mental well being.

organised fridge

2. Saves time and money:

I have had this happen to me so often. When things are not in their place, I will be unable to find them when I need them. I then convince myself that I am out of said thing and end up shopping for more. That money could easily be spent elsewhere. That time could have meant a nice relaxing cup of Coffee instead of running around like a headless Chicken.

3. Leaves time for more important things:

When you have a clean and organised house, it leaves you with more time to do other more enjoyable things. When you are organised and your home taken care of, you have more time for friends and family. More time to check out that museum or that concert .It opens you up to many more possibilities.

why you should be organised

4. It teaches good values to kids:

Children learn from those around them. They are constantly watching and picking up on things, said and unsaid. They learn early on from their caretakers how to be. When the parent is organised and therefore not always stressed about clutter, children are also able to learn values such as cleanliness and pride in their surroundings and themselves. Of course, not nagging them to pick up after themselves helps ;)

5. Decluttering and donating:

Organising your home and decluttering what you no longer need is a great way of helping out those who may be in need of Clothing, Books, furniture and kitchen supplies. Don't underestimate what you don't need, it may yet prove to be invaluable to someone else. This way, the decluttered items serve a second home.

reasons to be organised

6. Self love:

Yes, a cleaning organised house is a form of self love. It means you love and respect yourself enough to give the best environment and peace of mind you can. You can live in a one room house and still have it clean and well organised. An organised house makes you feel good about yourself.

7. House Proud :

Not only is good housekeeping form of self love but it also makes you a proud house owner or tenant. It makes you want to invite people into your home and life. This brings me to my last point...

8. Relationships:

A clean and well maintained home reduces unnecessary stress on relationships. when both partners have a similar understanding about their part in keeping the home organised, there are fewer flare points! They have more time to enjoy one another.

It is important however to not become obsessed with perfection. There will be times when your house will look like a pig sty no matter how many 'clean with me' videos you watch and how many organisational blogs you read. You're human. Embrace the messy times and when you're done with a day or so of indulgence ( any longer and you're in danger of sinking), pick up that Vacuum or broom or both because we like to be thorough.... and Clean!

What are your thoughts on keeping a clean and decluttered home? Have you found a system that has worked for you? I'd love to know! Leave a comment down below.

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