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Super easy pancakes recipe

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Everyone loves a classic and super easy pancake recipe. And this is just that.

In our home, Sundays are synonymous with either pancakes or waffles.

This goes great when paired with a lovely fruit compote.

Super easy pancake recipe

There are some recipes where classic and simple is the best. Pancakes just happen to be one of those, at least in our household.

This recipe makes around 10 small pancakes and when paired with a fruit compote can serve 4 persons. Feel free to add your own twist.

Pancake recipe free printable

I highly recommend trying this out with the strawberry compote.

You can watch the video of how I made it down below. If you don't want to watch the intro, then skip to the 3:30 minute mark.

I hope you enjoy making it.

Let me know in the comments how it turned out!

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