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3 steps to pantry organisation

Updated: May 18, 2021

What really is a Pantry?

A Pantry is a small room or even a small cupboard or storage where Food, Beverages and even dishes may be stored. Here are three steps to Pantry Organisation that will help you best organise your space.

pantry organisation indian kitchen

The size of your Pantry is determined by many factors... some of them being:

1. Availability of space:

We just moved, but in the old apartment, we used to have a small 'Abstellraum' or Utility room that I would use as my Pantry but it later became the baby's play room. So my poor Pantry was reduced to two Kallax 2x4 shelves from Ikea. Just screw in some doors and it looks neat and tidy. You do not need to have the boutique Pantry you see on Youtube. You don't have to spend your hard earned money on things like that. Have something easy and simple and that works for you and your family .Ofcourse, if you are the proud owner of one of those Pantry rooms, then I applaud you.

2. The size of your Family:

The bigger your family, the more food you need obviously. Our family is pretty average. Two Adults and two kids. We don't have any pets (yet). We buy produce that can feed us and fill us well. For example with Grains and pulses. We get a variety of vegetarian meals that look and taste different. We don't eat meat that often, I would say a couple of times a week, so most of the Pantry items are ones which will go well with vegetables. When you shop the discounts you can buy more for the same price ( more on that later).

how to organise your pantry

3. The size of your house:

Since we moved we have a full room to use as a cold room. It's not insulated so your veggies keep longer. We've put in a couple of wooden shelves to hold the food and there is a refrigerator there as well. I went from two small Kallaxes to a whole Pantry. I think necessity is the mother of inventions and when you don't have a choice you can make do with less. We have a bigger place now and so we can have a bigger pantry and it can take a lot of food. We try to bulk shop once in three months for things like rice, flour, wheat pastas ,etc.

My Pantry may be confusing to most people. It is very multicultural and influenced heavily by Indian, German, Korean and my own made up spice mixes and other ingredients.

You may find the odd Thai and South East Asian condiment. I make a lot of fermented foods ( recipes later),and those are in a small fridge in the kitchen.

I also maintain an inventory of what I have. You can download and print my Pantry Inventory for Free. If you laminate it after printing it out, you'll only ever need one ( unless it is damaged).

pantry organisation ideas

The columns are pretty self explanatory, but nonetheless I would like to elaborate on the 'use in' column. I usually write a couple dishes here, this way if I'm in a hurry I don't need to overthink or open up any cooking books. I just look for all the ingredients on my list that have that particular dish in common and Voila! Easy peasy!

Want to see more food related Printable? Click here!

Hope you found this post useful! If you have a question please leave it in the comment section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Have a lovely Day!

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