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Mooli Salad: Spicy Indian Radish Salad

Indian Mooli Salad, also known as Mooli Ka Salad, is a refreshing and crunchy side dish featuring finely shredded or thinly sliced radish (mooli) as its main ingredient.

This salad is typically seasoned with a simple yet vibrant mix of lemon juice, salt, and sometimes a touch of green chilies for a bit of heat.

Mooli Salad: Spicy Indian Radish Salad

Freshly chopped coriander leaves add a burst of colour and an aromatic freshness to the dish. The salad is known for its crisp texture and peppery flavor, making it a perfect accompaniment to rich and spicy Indian meals.

It's a nutritious and low-calorie option, often enjoyed for its detoxifying properties.

Mooli Salad: Spicy Indian Radish Salad

Don't forget to watch the video below!

Skip to the 05:15 mark to watch the cooking process.

Happy cooking!

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