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6 Living Room Organisation Hacks

Updated: May 18, 2021

A living room is such a reflection of who you are, as a family or as an individual . It's usually where people display personal effects such as photographs, art and style.

My living room reflects my love of antiques and books.

Here are 6 living room Organisation hacks that I have used myself.

living room organisation

However, I am a mom to two young kids, so there are a lot of toys strewn about everywhere.

In today's post, we are going to discuss how to balance personal style in a familial environment.

1. Planning your space:

How you plan your living room or any space really, depends so much on the structure itself. In many instances the limits of the structure, decides the functional spaces. This is especially true in apartments with a slanting roof.

Plan your functional areas first such as spaces for entertaining and eating. If you have children, then you will need to allot a space to them as well. These would be your essential spaces.

2. Choosing furniture:

Next, choose the right furniture for your room. If you have a small space that doesn't get much light, then choose furniture that is light and bright. If you have a large space that gets a lot of light, you can probably get away with more bulky furniture and darker tones.

Whatever you choose, remember to balance the elements, as discussed in this post.

3. Playing with textures, patterns and materials:

If you've read one my previous posts about planning spaces, then you know how important textures and patterns can be. These two elements can help bring your room together.

Something like an area rug can help bind the furniture, walls and ceilings . It brings those three together. A knitted throw, thrown casually across a textured couch, can help enhance that further.

Add some plants in the corner, or a bookshelf to really bring a warm and cosy feel to the room.

organisation living room

4. Adding art to the walls:

Do not underestimate wall art, especially paintings. Choose art that complements your style. Keep it simple and stick to one style. You can always explore different sub styles but the main feel should be harmonious.

5. Adding curtains or drapes:

Personally, I love drapes. I grew up with them and they have always defined a room for me. Not only does it afford you your privacy, it also adds textures vertically. When I lived in India, our drapes would keep the sun and heat of the day out, so it served a function. If you have bare walls, drapes can really add to the ambience.

organisation ideas  living room

6. Organisation:

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, a room should also be organised. In the living room for example, you can have a small corner for the kids books. Again, I highly recommend Ikea for this. The kallax series has saved us so many headaches and so much money. I have a small 4 cube kallax that has two cubes for books and two more with baskets for smaller toys.

At the end of the day, everything can be put away and the living returned to it's original look. We also put a rug underneath

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I always love to hear what my readers have to say. If you have another suggestion or simply want to get in touch, then please leave a comment below.

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