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6 ways to organise the Kitchen

Updated: May 18, 2021

For most of us, the kitchen is a place where we head first thing in the morning for our first cuppa. I know I do. I have my kitchen organised in a way that is functional for me and my routine.

Here are 6 ways to organise the kitchen to best serve you.

Everyone of us has different needs and different routines and therefore a different way of organising our kitchens.

In this post we are going to look at different kinds of kitchen storage and for what they are needed.

kitchen organisation

There are many different options when it comes to storage and cabinets. We are going to explore the most common ones. We will also look into bare shelving as many renters do not have the option of wall mounted kitchen cabinets.

kitchen organisation ideas

1. Overhead Cabinets:

In most modern kitchens, you will often find overhead kitchen cabinets. Now, this must seem like a no brainer but I have lived in many places where this was just not an option.

Overhead cabinets are typically used to house plates, bowls and serving dishes.

They are also used to house spices, and certain cooking products and ingredients.

In my home, I have some for coffee mugs, some for crockery and the rest for spices and such.

2. Lower kitchen cabinets:

These are the cabinets that are on the same level as your dishwasher. These are typically used to house pots and pans. I am lucky that I have a lot of space in the new house. I use them for cutlery, containers, pots and pans and other loose ends.

The way you organise them depends on your cooking style. Store what you need the most often closest to the stove top. The same goes for your overhead cabinets. This way you 'fan out' the storage and organisation in the kitchen.

kitchen organisation things

3. Kitchen counters:

Your kitchen counters should be purely functional and not too decorative. I say this because when it comes time to cook, it will eat into your work area. You want to have just the bare essentials. You can spruce it up by using aesthetically pleasing bottles and containers.

For me, this space is used for the Tea kettle, a mixer and for a dish cleaning station.

kitchen organisation India

4. Under the sink:

Do not underestimate this storage. This is where to store kitchen cleaning supplies, dustpans, garbage bags etc. In Germany we have paper bags for kitchen scraps that go to the compost bin and a yellow large plastic bag called the Gelbesack ( yellow bag) for food packaging and another one called the reste. The reste is incinerated by the city municipality.

Our under the sink storage is therefore used for an assortment of recyclable bags, dustpans, and cleaning agents.

kitchen organisation uk

5. Wall space:

If you don't have inbuilt kitchen cabinets then the next best thing would be to install wall shelves. This can be done tastefully and with care so as not to damage rented properties. You can use your pots and pans as decor and add elements such as plants and condiments to make it more presentable.

6. Window sills:

The last but not the least, the kitchen windowsill. If you have a windowsill in your kitchen then I encourage you to use it to house herbs. Tropical plants can cost a lot especially if you live in temperate regions. The best alternative to have greenery that is functional and affordable would be to buy herbs from the supermarket. In Germany, you can buy the whole plant in a small container and thus harvest your herbs longer without worrying about them going bad.

How to organise the kitchen

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was able to inspire you. If you are interested in more of the same, please explore these previous posts here.

Be sure to leave your thoughts and tips for me to check out in the comments below!

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