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How to keep your kid’s room clean and organised

As mothers we often find ourselves in a bind, juggling between having so many commitments and the need to find time, keeping our kid’s rooms clean and organised.

People may say that they are just kids and that it will get messy again in no time. The truth is that, that doesn’t suffice as an excuse to not clean it or find ways of keeping it clean.

Children's room

A clean room is more than the aesthetics, it is also the discipline, responsibility, and the learned ability to clean and keep your personal space organised.

It is essential in the growth of your kids now, and before they are adults. The key step to keeping your kid’s rooms clean is to start but here are some tips that will assist you through the process.

Cleaning a child's bedroom

1. Make the bed every morning:

Making the bed every morning before you leave the room is a good practice to instill in your kids. It allows them to form a routine which makes it harder to depart from and easy to maintain for the future. Make it your duty as the Mom to check on it to ensure it’s done properly.

2. Develop a no eating in the bedroom policy:

This will remove the need to take dirty dishes from the room to the kitchen. Also, it will assist in helping to keep the room clean of food related items at all times which is very important.

3. Vacuum once per week:

If you have girls, then you know the struggle is real. We have two girls and if I didn't vacuum once a week, I'd have yetis growing out from the floor. Plus, there is always so much paper on the floor...from all their crafting.

How to keep your kids room clean

4. Dispose of all visible trash daily:

While this particular tip may not seem very practical at times, I cannot stress enough how picking up a little bit everyday, saves hours over the weekend. Get your kids to pick up for 5 minutes a day. For extra fun, use an egg timer and think of fun rewards like an extra 5 minutes of play.

5. Put those toys away:

We have all stepped on one too many Lego or Play-mobile bits. Ikea has some amazing storage ideas which can help you streamline your toy organisation.

6. Place dirty clothes in the laundry basket:

My kid's have their own laundry basket in their room. At the end of every week, I just carry the basket downstairs to the laundry room. This keeps things off the floor and reduces tripping.

7. Place clean clothes on hangers or in drawers:

Once the laundry is done and dried, it goes immediately into drawers and shelves in the children's rooms. I do this once a week, usually on Mondays when I have the house to myself. This makes sure that any counter space being used for laundry is automatically empty.

8. Place books that are not in use on the bookshelf:

My younger one loves to pull out all the books in the bookshelf and walk all over them. While this may seem like a fun activity for her to do, it can be dangerous. It also reduces the life of any object when they are mistreated. Again, I do this once a week on Mondays. I think it's starting to work, because she doesn't pull them out as often as she used to.

Implementing the above steps should bring about the desired results but an added tip is to have these placed on a chore board and have it specially personalised to appear attractive based on the likes of your kids.

At the end of each day or week depending on the activity, have it ticked off by your kids and to encourage them, have stickers granted for each day or week.

You can check out our FREE Printables page here for Chore and reward charts!

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any more suggestions on keeping your kid's room cleaned and organised, be sure to leave a comment below for our other readers :)

otil next time,f 0 0o

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