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How To Apologise To Your Kids

Why is it important to apologise to your kids?

“Im sorry”. A child deserves an apology from their parent too. Children often feel overwhelmed by receiving instructions daily, especially if it seems like the parent is always right and the child is always wrong.

parents apologise to child

As parents we too make mistakes and instead of ignoring the situation, we need to apologise to our children for our actions. This teaches them the importance of apologising and working together to overcome differences.

How To Apologise To Your Kids

1. The Impact of Apologising as a Parent:

Parents often spend hours after a sibling feud saying you need to apologize to your brother or sister for their actions. Children tend to hold out on apologising and it infuriates the parent and many times it results in a punishment.

Taking the time to visualise how you relate to your child when you make a mistake will expose why they face such difficulty in apologising. Every act of good behaviour desired for your child should be taught through modeling.

When a parent takes the time to apologise to their child for making a mistake or hurting their feelings, a child will begin to appreciate the need for an apology.

An apology shows respect and regard for your child’s feelings even though you are the adult. Most parents are concerned that apologising to their child will result in them having less resect or remove their authority.

The truth is apologising to your child causes your child to respect and follow you more because they believe they are able to connect with you.

Simple put, “ If Mom/Dad can apologise, I can too”.

How To Apologise To Your Kids

Ways You Can Apologise To Your Child:

Apologising to your child does not need to be nerve-wracking. Here are some steps to guide the process.

  1. Call them to sit with you.

  2. In this moment express the action done and why it was wrong.

  3. Acknowledge that you hurt their feelings

  4. Say sorry

  5. Then ask them for their forgiveness

Final Thoughts:

As a parent always remember that the actions you want to see in your child should first be modelled by you. An apology teaches your child that no-one is perfect and building a great relationship as parent and child is important. The act of apology will always be one of the greatest lesson.

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