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6 Tips for healthy Holidays

Updated: May 10, 2021

Looking for a way to eat healthy during the Holidays? Here are six ways to continue eating healthy during the holiday season.

The Festive Season tends to seduce us with food and drinks that are often not healthy. It's normal for individuals to make remarks such as ‘Christmas happens once a year why not enjoy it to the fullest’ or ‘I’ll eat healthier after Christmas’.

There’s a consistency to eating healthy and it should happen before the festive season.

Most times you remain trapped into overeating or practice bad food selections after Christmas because New Year is just around the corner. Let’s decide to practice eating healthy starting this Christmas with these healthy holiday tips.

Healthy Holiday eating

1. Healthy alternatives:

Your holiday favorites don’t have to be tossed in the bin. Incorporating nutrition tips for the holiday such as minimizing deep-frying, using less butter. and finding a mayonnaise alternative such as veganaise or yogurt can truly add more nutritional benefits to your plate without the guilt.

This tip for healthy holiday eating is so easy to follow and doesn't require a drastic change in diet.

Choosing healthy fats for example can greatly influence the nutritional value of your food.

2. Moderation:

Dismiss the gluttony and embrace moderation in your meal selections. You can enjoy a better variety of meals if you practice eating healthy and not only on Christmas day.

Don’t go all out overeating on Christmas day but rather leave enough space to look forward to the different meals for the day while still including your fruit and dark leafy green vegetables.

healthy holiday tips wellness

3. Lessen processed foods:

Processed foods tend to have excess salt and sugar. Where possible try making more homemade foods this Christmas yourself. Spending the time to make the food from scratch will ensure that meals are more nutritious because you know exactly what ingredients were included.

4. Increase your vegetables throughout the Christmas recipes:

Try to ensure that every meal on Christmas day has a hint of vegetables. This will boost the vegetable intake for the day and ensure that you receive your daily dose of vegetables as you enjoy all your meals.

5.Take time to chew your food:

It's not only the food that goes into your stomach that allows your body to absorb the nutritional benefits but it's in how well you chew. Chewing food slowly allows you to masticate the food.

This is where most of the nutritional benefits are absorbed. Enjoy your food by chewing a bit slower to receive more nutrients and lessen the likelihood of overeating followed by indigestion.

holiday tips to stay healthy

6. Take a digestive walk:

Walking after a meal aids in the digestive process and limits the chance of weight gain. It will also naturally help impart physical and mental health benefits. Let it be a bonus to you to enjoy your next meal without the guilt, as you would have aided your body in burning calories.

So there you have it, a short little summary of some ways to be healthier during the Holidays.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired you to move into the new year with a healthier goal.

I wish all my readers a very happy and safe New Year!

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