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The 5 Best ways to organise your freezer

Updated: May 17, 2021

For everything, there can be a system, and this includes organising your freezer.

Throughout the busy days of our lives, we easily settle for freezers that are disorganised. These 5 tips on Freezer Organisation will help keep your meal prep and food storage efficient.

organised freezer

It's surprising to note that an organized freezer can add value to your cooking and overall kitchen experience.

Here are five (5) top ways or hacks that can be utilized to organize your freezer and guarantee a new outlook.

1. Sectioned areas:

Creating sectioned areas in groups such as meats, vegetables, soups, fruits, and pre-prepped meals is quite beneficial in making chest freezer or any other freezer organisation hacks a sure success.

2. Labels & Storage Bins:

What’s an organized deep freezer without labeled containers, zip-top bags, and freezer drawers. These can be easily installed to perfection and help transform your storage and preservation experience.

organised Freezer

Installing acrylic freezer bins, refrigerator bins, wire, plastic, or labeled baskets to organize a small freezer is key. This quickly transforms a small cluttered freezer space to perfection. Incorporate two-layered storage bins and place your grouped sectioned areas in them.

Some small freezers can only accommodate stacking items in a specific order on each other and may need shelves or storage bins removed because of limited space.

3. Flatten and freeze:

This system works well for items in pre-planned sizes. This will serve to make the fridge freezer organization reality and meal preparation quick and easy.

freezer organisation hacks

4. Storing meat on the lowest shelf:

This leaves less space for the possibility of leaking juice from meats. It protects other food items in the fridge freezer from becoming messy and ruined as a result. This a true freezer organizer tip.

5. Inventory:

This will help to prevent purchasing items that are already in storage. In developing an inventory, it will guide and allow you to enjoy your very own jumble-free chest freezer. You can download the freezer printable shown above absolutely for free!

I hope you found this article fun and helpful! As always, Comment below and leave a tip of your own to help others on their organisation journey :)

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