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5 hacks for an eco friendly Baby shower

As you prepare for the arrival of your beautiful bundle of joy, the fever of having a baby shower is in the air.

As an eco-friendly mama-to-be you want to ensure you don’t encourage activities that will harm the environment or cause waste but you don’t want to miss out on having an amazing baby shower.

Eco friendly baby shower presents

Here are five easy hacks for an eco-friendly baby shower.

1. Eco-friendly baby shower gifts:

For a mother-to-be who cares about the environment, nothing will make her more happy than a gift that signifies this reality. Some great gift options include homemade soap with natural oils and colors, reusable breast pads, a maternity shoot gift certificate, cloth nappies, wooden toys for baby, and handmade color customized mobiles.

2. Potluck:

A eco-friendly mother loves to know that although the food being prepared needn't be organic, prepped at home will help reduce the carbon footprint.

Having a potluck will allow you to get the food you desire. Its also an important way to limit the amount of waste containers.

How to have an eco friendly party

3. Ask for Eco-friendly gifts:

The best way to get what you desire is to ask for exactly what you need. Asking for eco-friendly gifts is the best way to get the gifts you want that will enhance your motherhood experience.

Eco friendly baby shower gifts

4. Eco-friendly baby shower party favours:

The best baby shower party favors are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly party favors can be found in great reusabe items like jam jars, seeds to plant, baked cookies, and flower holders from the shower can be given to guest to take home as party favors. The items can be neatly package in recyclable paper bags and gifted to your guests.

Eco friendly baby shower party favours

5. Print invites at home: Get into the mood of designing and printing your baby shower invites from home on recycled paper.

Check out these free Baby Shower Printables we created just for you!

There are so many ways to incorporate eco-friendly tips and tricks into you baby shower and still have fun. Make your baby shower one to remember with these five eco-friendly hacks.

If you have any tips or hacks to share, post them down in the comment section below!

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