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Breakfast Nook Organisation

All of us at some point in our lives are put in a position where we just want to catch a quick bite for breakfast. Breakfast nooks were built to accommodate this and make our morning meals simpler and easier.

Here are some tips on putting together your own breakfast nook.

breakfast nook ideas

1. Opt for great lighting. The best lighting for any breakfast nook is one surrounded by windows. Great lighting in the morning is the ideal environment to welcome a quick meal or a cup of tea. By placing a small fruit basket on the table this can serve as a great breakfast nook storage option.

2. Brighten the Room with Carefully curated Colour Selections. Having ensured that the room lighting is at its best, choosing colours like delicate yellow for your pillows, cushions and possibly chairs will give the room a cheerful ambience.

3 . L-shape Design. Utilising L-shape sitting arrangement with a table and accompanying chairs, will ensure that breakfast time is spacious with a lot of seating options.

4. Make it kid-friendly. Children can be so occupied with everything else that meal times become a chore for them and their parents. Installing kid-friendly wall art at your breakfast nook will help create interest surrounding breakfast.

breakfast nook ideas with storage

5. Go small. Don’t feel like you have to dismiss the idea of having a breakfast nook because you have a small apartment. Find the window within your home and set up a bistro table with two chairs and just like that you have beautifully organised breakfast nook.

Breakfast nook organisation can be so fun, as you watch your space come alive. Breakfast time is meant to be quick but comforting to ensure you have the right start to your busy day ahead.

If you have any tips to share about how you created your breakfast nook, let us know in the comments below!

Until Next time,

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