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Bookshelf Organisation

A bookshelf is a gem within every home. Book lovers can relate to having a bookshelf and, even more so, an organised bookshelf.

Bookshelf Organisation ideas

Before you dive right into organising your bookshelf, it's essential to follow a system that will guide the process.

These seven bookshelf organisation ideas can help you achieve the best results.

1. Organise books by colour. The use of colors to guide how you place your books within your bookshelf adds a lot of personality. Organizing your bookshelf in this manner will assist readers in associating specific book themes with the color.

2. Allow books to become shelves within the bookshelf. Stacking books upon other books within a bookshelf is beyond genius. This method saves space and teaches a new way of highlighting book themes, size, and color, another great way to find your favorite books quickly.

3. Maximise using vertical positioning. A healthy reader will always have more books on a bookshelf than space. Arrange books in a standing position to maximize the space.

4. Apply the minimalist approach. A minimalist shelf is not organized only with books but other ornaments. Having both books and other decorative pieces in your bookshelf will make up for the empty shelves if your book collection is small and still in the growing phase.

5. Organise books by category or theme. Arranging books by theme or category will make it easier for you or a friend who has come to visit to get a quick read without searching extensively.

6. Have a display of your favorite books. A properly organized bookshelf must have your favorite books paced at the front and center. Easy reach is best, and seeing them brings joy and motivation to your reading lifestyle.

7. Utilize the alphabetical order. A bookshelf isn't organized if it has no alphabetical order. This method takes bookshelf organization to another level because everyone who visits will quickly locate a book.

Book organisation is the perfect way to truly enjoy the lifestyle of reading. Keeping books systematically arranged in your bookshelf will leave room for new additions and make finding the older ones an ease.

Have more Ideas on how to organise bookshelves? Leave a comment down below for other readers :)

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