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Baked fish with lemon preserve

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

This recipe is one of our favourites. It's a super healthy and simple baked fish with lemon preserve and herbs.

You can even forego the lemon preserve and it would still taste just as good.

I recommend using a trout .

Easy Fish recipe

We don't eat as much fish as we should. It's such a great and healthy alternative to red meat. Make sure your fish is fresh. If you don't have a farmer's market with fresh catch of the day, then check the fish at the supermarket.

A fresh fish should have clear eyes. Stay away from fish where the eyes look a bit cloudy.

If possible, tip the packaging vertically and see if the juices inside look runny or gooey.

easy printable fish recipe

I highly recommend making this with the easy salad listed on the website.

You can watch this video from my channel to see how it turned out. Skip to the 7:08 mark if you don't want to see the whole video.

I hope you enjoy making it.

Let me know in the comments how it turned out!

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